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How Can I Say?

How can I say, that my life is complete
When all I can see, is total disarray
I look around me, and I see people smiling
And I say, ain’t your life incomplete

How can I say, that I don’t hurt no more
When all I can feel, is grief deep in my soul
I look around me, and I see all the lovin’
And I say, can’t you feel any pain

How can I say, that it’s you it’s not me
When all I can say, is everything is okay
I look around me, and people think that we’re okay
And I say, not everything is okay

How can I say, you don’t hear all my cries
When all you can hear, is my laugh that I try
I look around me, and people think that I’m happy
And I say, you don’t see the tears that I hide

How can I say, that I also get sad
When all you can see, is my happy face that is fab
I look around me, and people expect me to be funny
And I say, sometimes it’s hard when I’m sad


face the wall

Damn hard to front until the end of the day
When people expects you to smile & be gay
But no offense, I’d rather be alone at the bay
Stare at the sky & wish that there’s another way

three AM

in the dark i lay awake remembering
the past that is very much bothering
i really must try hard in forgetting
but my heart just won’t stop feeling

one sheep… two sheeps… counting
three sheeps… four sheeps… mumbling
five sheeps… seven sheeps… skipping
eight sheeps… nine sheeps… stopping

fuck this! i really should be sleeping

beaSts me…

in these streets the beast roams free
it walks barefoot but with so much glee
it can and will inflict incredible pain
that even time can’t help but complain

the beast’s face wears one to many guises
and can pull you in with your own vices
just when you believe that you have a pact
it will stand with you, but will stab your back

for years it remains unconquered that beast
a few have won the battle, but many had missed
very difficult it can be for such a beast to be beaten
for the beast that you seek is the one from within

How Long Ago Was Yesterday?

The much needed rain to calm my personas and me
The balcony as a sanctuary to hang out to with me
The cold coffee is on the table but its fine with me
The chair I’m sitting on whispers I’m heavy to me
The cigarette fiery hot to the butt until it kills me
The music is playing and each note is taunting me
The past without a warning weighs down on me
The thought of you that never fails to torment me
The shadows on the wall is playing a trick on me
The sad girl in the mirror constantly reminding me
… that …
The life I live seem to have nothing to do with me

~ one-seven-three-three ~

A Painting in Banwa Pension House in Puerto Princessa, Palawan, Philippines

a love that began in melody…
for it will not be silenced…
a love that is so pure…
for it will not be tainted…
a love that holds no boundaries…
for it will not be contained…
a love that answers to no one…
for it will not be tamed…
a love that transcends life…
for it will not be mourned…
a love that is forbidden…
for it will not be given…
but always it will be…
in my heart it will be…
forever you will be…

Will I? Will You? Will We?

My Feet and The Beach by Tee Palileo


If I will be funny, will you always laugh with me
If you will laugh with me, will it always be funny

If I will sing with you, will you hear the blues behind
If you hear the blues behind, will you sing with me

If I will not share my pain, will I cry and hide away
If I will cry and hide away, will you share my pain

If I do not speak now, will you hear my silent plea
If you will hear my silent plea, will you finally speak

If I always mess up and get lost, will it matter to you
If it matter to you, well I always mess up and get lost

If sometimes I forget, will you help me remember
If you help me remember, will I never ever forget

If I run fast, will I finally get away from the past
If I get away from the past, will I finally run fast

If I will love you, will I be loved by you always
If I will be loved by you, will I love you always

If we trust with all our hearts, will we truly be alright
If it will be alright, well let us trust with all our hearts

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