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My Happily Singing Red Shoe

A Painting in Banwa Pension House in Puerto Princessa, Palawan, Philippines

A Painting in Banwa Pension House in Puerto Princessa, Palawan, Philippines

Walking bare foot alone in a thorny path that I chose…
I accidentally came across a happily singing red shoe…

“Walk in me! Your feet are bleeding! Don’t you see? Don’t you feel?” it says…
“I’m used to it, I don’t feel it anymore, & I don’t want to bleed all over you” I say…
“It’s okay, because I don’t want to see you bleed some more” It says…

So down the thorny path we walked together, singing melodies old & new…
Suddenly, the singing stopped, the happily singing red shoe is gone…
I looked around, searched everywhere, but it was nowhere to be found…
I cried & cried & cried so hard, that I thought I would die right there…

“Don’t cry” a voice said, I looked up & saw the Moon smiling down at me…
“How can I not cry, when he said that he will never leave me high & dry?” I say…
“But don’t you see my child… He never left you…  Because he was never with you…”
As I realized what I thought to be true, I looked back the path that I was walking on…
Towards the sunset over the hill, the happily singing red shoe stood… Proud…

Still he sings.. Still he smiles… But not for me… It was never for me…
I tried to go back to the path that leads to him, but the path won’t let me…
My eyes stings, my heart aches, my soul fades, but I pushed on & on & on…
And then I woke up with tears falling down like rain… and I realized that…

I was just a dreaming all along… and I was miserably wrong…


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