Got Chance?

the truth of the matter is, there is really no second chance…
because everyday that we wake up to a new day is a chance…
what is really sad about it, is that we tend to just waste that chance…
then desperately make ourselves believe, that it is still our second… chance.


then so be it.

some people will continue to crucify & judge you for a mistake that you have done for the rest of your life…

sometimes the irony of that mistake is… you have regretted doing it and paid a high price for it already…

so i guess, it really just boils down to one question… who is more hung up about it? you or them?

and having said that… i guess there is only one thing left to say… then so be it …


… if you make promises, keep them …

… because if you cannot keep them…

… then do not effin make them …


it just occurred to me…. some people are so full of EGO, that they should have their very own effin EGOsystem…

they are so toxic that their micro-EGO-nism could be used for biological weapons of mass destruction!

… and no, i’m not mad… i’m just being sarcastic… in an EGOtistical way… so sue me! lol!

full of fool

stop fooling me you fool… because…

before you can even begin to fool me…

i have already fooled myself… foolishly…


… once upon a one story …

for argument’s sake, they say that there are two sides to a story…

therefore, in theory there are two stories…

which brings us to an unconclusion that raises the question of…

“who word it better?”

… end of story …

my whys of wise…

i honestly think that life experiences do not make you wise… i mean… how many times do we have to go through the same shit and still be “unwise”??? it is us who makes us wise… it is a fucking choice… live it or leave it, but do not blame the universe for it…

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