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at some point we all have to choose not to believe a believable lie, or else we will live with it, then in the end… choose to leave it anyway… such a waste of time don’t you think?

How Can I Say?

How can I say, that my life is complete
When all I can see, is total disarray
I look around me, and I see people smiling
And I say, ain’t your life incomplete

How can I say, that I don’t hurt no more
When all I can feel, is grief deep in my soul
I look around me, and I see all the lovin’
And I say, can’t you feel any pain

How can I say, that it’s you it’s not me
When all I can say, is everything is okay
I look around me, and people think that we’re okay
And I say, not everything is okay

How can I say, you don’t hear all my cries
When all you can hear, is my laugh that I try
I look around me, and people think that I’m happy
And I say, you don’t see the tears that I hide

How can I say, that I also get sad
When all you can see, is my happy face that is fab
I look around me, and people expect me to be funny
And I say, sometimes it’s hard when I’m sad

Got Chance?

the truth of the matter is, there is really no second chance…
because everyday that we wake up to a new day is a chance…
what is really sad about it, is that we tend to just waste that chance…
then desperately make ourselves believe, that it is still our second… chance.

TRUsTH me… i know.

the undeniable truth… most of the time lies in the abyss of the subconscious mind, and it is our fear of accepting that truth that buried it in there… but when that truth creeps in your conscious mind… there is no way you can shove it back again… so… what do you do? DEAL WITH IT!

Rhyme 05

… a choice is when you chose to choose …

When Life Gives You Lemons… Eat It!

it feels good… it feels right… it isn’t wrong… but it isn’t mine

beaSts me…

in these streets the beast roams free
it walks barefoot but with so much glee
it can and will inflict incredible pain
that even time can’t help but complain

the beast’s face wears one to many guises
and can pull you in with your own vices
just when you believe that you have a pact
it will stand with you, but will stab your back

for years it remains unconquered that beast
a few have won the battle, but many had missed
very difficult it can be for such a beast to be beaten
for the beast that you seek is the one from within

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